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Laboratory Consulting Services
Today's laboratories are facing extraordinary operational challenges. These are summarized in the phrase, “More for Less.” Laboratory staffing levels are decreasing and vacancies are increasing while demands for increased production escalate; and, of course, laboratory budgets and revenue are flat or shrinking.

Hospital and laboratory management are faced with a vast selection of solutions to increase productivity or resolve production deterioration and each is offered by vendors as the "correct" solution. These recommendations almost always involve a major capital investment and in most cases it is difficult to be sure which offer provides the best solution for your laboratory.
How can you be sure that your investment will bring you the savings anticipated?

LGP Consulting, Inc. is an independent consulting firm specialized in laboratory workflow analysis. Our consulting team has been conducting analysies and providing recommendations for laboratory efficiency improvement since 1993. We are experienced in all aspects of the laboratory workflow, including: specimen reception and processing; lab informatics; analytical departments such as chemistry, immunology, infectious diseases and hematology; and in the post-analytical operations of storage, retrieval and archiving of samples. Being highly experienced in the design, capabilities and operational characteristics of a variety of laboratory automation systems, we can independently recommend the right solution for your laboratory. Therefore, we can help assure your return on investment will equal or exceed the expectations. As each laboratory's operations are unique, an independent consulting firm will provide you with an unbiased, impartial and balanced recommendation. Our nonbiased recommendations can be compared to those of the solutions vendor to allow you the opportunity to make a reasoned decision.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in finding the best solutions for your laboratory.