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FAQ - Kapsafe Recapper

1- What is KapSafe’s foot print?

24” wide x 24” deep x 33” tall

2- What is KapSafe’s throughput?

Up to 20 tubes per minute, making KapSafe valuable for the large and small volume labs alike

3- What rack types can be accommodated?

In alphabetical order;

Abbott Architect
Beckman AU racks
Roche Cobas
Siemens Centaur XP*
Beckman AU
Roche Cobas & Centaur XP

Racks can be loaded on KapSafe intermixed

4- What tube sizes can be run simultaneously?

All Standard original vacuum collection tubes, glass or plastic, from 13-16mm in diameter and 75-100mm tall

5- Can KapSafe skip empty positions within a rack?

Absolutely, empty positions within a rack will be skipped to the next available tube

6- What is the cap hopper capacity?

3,600 caps

7- Does KapSafe’s have continuous load and unload capability?

Yes, both the input and output bays allow for continuous loading and unloading thus maximizing the efficiency and productivity of KapSafe

8- Is there a warranty or service contracts?

Yes, there is a one year warranty and service contracts available after the warranty

9- Is there a compressor needed?

No compressed air is needed

10- What’s the power consumption?

Fused at 1 Amp and 36 watts, plugs into any regular outlet. Available in 110 VAC 60 Hz & 220 VAC 50 Hz