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MK2 Sorter


HCTS2000 Features& Specifications

  • Auto-Receipt data into your LIS
  • Sort up to 2,000 tubes per hour
  • Seven distinct sorting bins, standard.
  • Expandable to 22 distinct bins.
  • Nine types of bar codes read.
  • Standard 110VAC, no compressor required.
  • Accepts 8-19mm x 75-120mm tubes.
  • Dimensions: 56"x48"x31"
  • Easy to operate LCD screen.

No Shuffling of Primary Tubes In or Out of Racks! Fill the hopper. Press Start. Walk away!

Without question your laboratory environment will run more efficiently when there are no more countless hours spent receiving and sorting samples. We're proud to offer such technology in automation which allows up to twenty two distinct collection bins (upgraded). This unit operates by scanning your bar codes and dispensing the tubes into compartments easily accessible even while the instrument continues to work. Boost productivity and maintain an organized workspace with the HCTS2000 MK2 Sorter.